Intruder - band biography

Intruder was founded by Nebojša Marković and Ivan Halupka in the early '90s. From the very beginning Intruder has been experimenting with electronic music and it's various subgenres (techno, drum'n'bass) to finally reach the music form that can be mostly described as electro pop: pop in structure, subversive and energetic in sound, but at times also very emotional, dreamy and jazzy.

As a duo Intruder released 2 albums ("Experiment" in 1998 and "Windows '99" in 1999), that became very successful throughout Serbia and had 4 #1 radio singles, and 3 #1 videos on the most popular and influential stations' charts (Studio B, RTS, B92). That success made way for Intruder's 3rd album "Able" (2000), and at the end of the album realization, Intruder became a trio, joined by Miloš Vukosavljević on guitar, and begun performing live throughout Serbia.

Ivan Halupka, Ivana Smolović, Boris Kunčer, Nebojša Marković, Vladimir Vrzić

Very soon, Intruder became a band of five, joined by Boris Kunčer on drums and another guitar player, Vladimir Vrzić. Very successful tour saw the band having festival performances, the highlight being the crowded performance at EXIT festival 2001 on Main stage alongside with Kosheen (UK). As the touring continued, Intruder gained a leading lady - singer Ivana. Intruder, now with Ivana's fantastic soulful and emotional voice added a new dimension to their unique blend of energetic pop, electronica, grooves and jazz -- the result was the band's fourth album "Strange Kind of Beautiful" (2003) and the biggest hit to that moment, single "Melt".

After another tour and appearances at regional festivals (Nisomnia, Beer fest, Electronic festival), Intruder slowly began recording new material for the 5th album. Even before the album was released in 2006, 2 singles accompanied by videos became absolute smash hits in 2005 ("Soundtrack" and "Why Don't You") not only making it to #1 spots on singles and videos charts on almost every station but also providing the band with the title "band of the year" by people's votes on one of the most influential programmes, Studio B.

At the end of year 2005, gigs began again, and by the release of the album no. 5 "Dancing shoes, starry skies" in 2006 video for the single no. 3 off it "Sensation" became MTV Adria hit. The band had another memorable performance at EXIT 2006 on one of the main stages -- Fusion stage -- that also hosted Suzanne Vega, Junkie XL etc. At the beginning of 2007, Intruder released another no. 1 single from the current album "Stay". It's video had the MTV Adria premiere this weekend.